She's a little bit girly and a little bit rock-and-roll. And lucky for you, her personality shines through in every one of Tincture's customized pieces. Seattle-based jewelry designer Nicole Ivancovich creates tough yet tender earrings and necklaces that mix and match sturdy metals like oxidized and non-oxidized silver with delicate stones like phantom quartz, pink jade and citrine. Her baubles are sure to charm the toughest gal, and they're also filled with heart--15 percent of Tincture's proceeds go to Freedom Stones, a non-profit organization dedicated to breaking the chains of poverty and injustice. While she's drawn to breaking out the power tools and bending, smoothing, sanding and drilling her creations into submission, Nicole is also a graphic designer by trade, having co-founded Seattle-based design firm Sleeping Industries in 2007. Her pieces are featured in Seattle Metropolitan Magazine ("Fresh Air," April 2010) and are available at fine boutiques throughout Seattle.